Weekly Digest : 2018 08-06 to 08-12

  • https://thehustle.co/gerald-ratners-billion-dollar-speech: The story of the man who dug his own business empire grave.
  • The Reliability Engineering workbook is a fantastic resource for those who want to implement those practices in their team.
  • Marichu Jeevikkunnavar: The talk by Professor C Ravichandran about people who don’t live their lives with rational thinking and just believe what the society tells them.

Weekly Digest : 2018 07-30 to 08-05

Just not good!

It’s said that a skill can be acquired through focused practice and hardwork. “If you put your mind to it, you can reach where you want to be.”, they said. While this may be true, is that how it plays out? Isn’t there always an element of luck, knack for something involved? An innate ability, if you may?

Right from the days I started playing sports, I was always the also ran. I wasn’t fast enough to outrun someone in a game of football. I wasn’t strong enough to bowl fast in cricket, or swing the bat well to hit the ball. I didn’t have the reflexes to dance around a badminton court and return the shuttle cock to the opponent’s court, and on the occasions that I did, not enough skill with placement to make it difficult for them. Indoor games that involved strategy were out of reach as well. Chess? I’ve played and lost to people who were playing for the first time. Monopoly? Went into so much debt that an IRL occurrence would have had me on the streets. Video games followed the same trends. All the difficult levels remained elusive. I was probably the only kid at school who never finished the original Mario game.

All this leaves me with these questions.

  • Is it possible that a person can not improve even to a not so beginner level despite continued effort?
  • Is there an incentive to keep on trying if there is no reward other than enjoyment which also fades away because there’s no chance for you to win?
  • Is there a way to change the mental conditioning of not even trying after a while because you don’t see yourself getting better, should there exist answers in the affirmative for the first two questions?
  • Is accepting that you are “just not good enough” the only way out?

Weekly Digest : 2018 07-23 to 07-29

Weekly Digest : 2018 07-16 to 07-22

  • Irumbu Thirai : The movie is an eye opener for those who have scant regard for their own privacy. The acting is horrible, so that’s something you have to be forewarned about before you decide to watch the movie.
  • Summit of Chimborazo is the farthest point measured from the core of the earth: This thread has the details.
  • Duolingo Hindi is online! https://www.duolingo.com/course/hi/en/Learn-Hindi-Online. There are glaring errors, but things will improve as more people start using it.
  • Greta Van Fleet’s new track When the Curtain Falls is out! These kids are fantastic and Led Zeppelin like, while being original.