An Obsession Called DC++

There was this guy. Lets call him axbycz. The only thing he did after coming from college was switch on his computer and double click on that icon on his desktop named DC++. Then his world gets transformed. He turns from that shy guy to someone who is that cool dude who can talk for hours together non stop.Everything else became name sake for him. Everything from sleep to food to his passions. He became obsessed with DC++.

Meet Mr axbycz ,who would have won a fortune if there was any reward for maximum time online. A simple software which was meant to make file sharing on LAN easier turned out to be his new world. Since Orkut was also blocked and net connectivity was name sake, he used this software to make new friends , which he would never have done if he were asked to go to any of them personally and talk. He was shyness personified. But then this 50 MB software turned out to be his saviour. He started talking to everyone whom he found interesting. His friends started making fun of him. They were of the view that he logged on just to talk to girls and have fun which was not at all his idea. His idea was to socialise ( though on a virtual platform ) and make as many friends as possible. It didn’t matter whether they wanted to remain anonymous or not, he was willing to reveal his identity to anyone who seemed true to him.

This guy was a regular feature on public chat too.And he could not tolerate any sort of abuse showered in public. Since he condemned any act of such kind, some guys started revolting against him. It was an organised assault. One day there were atleast 15 guys who were targetting this poor fellow who just wanted the users to be cultured and it was as though he was doing moral policing. Was it a fault on his part to wish that the people in this college be cultured? That is a question one has to ponder about. And the worst part was that one of his best friends was leading the assault. This drained him mentally. He didnt have answers. However, he still remained loyal to this humble software. FInally things started getting back to normal. He reconciled with his friends. Some of his foes became friends of his. And those who stood by him during these testing times became better friends.

After almost a month of fruitful ( wasted as his friends saw it ) time, the midsems came. However, this guy couldn’t think of even a day without chatting on DC++. So he came up with a plan. He decided to do what computers do. MULTITASKING. He chatted for some time, then studied for some time and chatted again and it went on like that. The best thing about it was that he could grasp every thing he studied even though his concentration was on the users window. He still managed to write the midsems in a decent way. Everyone was fearing the worst for him.

ANd finally, one fine evening he turned on his computer and clicked on the same icon named DC++. Then he saw that one of his online pals was online. He was asked by that friend of his to write an article for the ThinK magazine. So this guy thought what to write. He thought of so many things. Finally he decided to write on his new obsession. So here I am Mr axbycz

Vivek Krishna

PS: This article was written when he was Multitasking!!!!!

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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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