Mission TCS

It all began in the second or third year in college when the guys around started preparing for placements.Believe me, they started slogging right from the 3rd or 4th semester to get into the so called Dream Companies.I didnt realise that it was a a difficult task to get into one of those great companies.I thought to myself that I won’t go through the selection process for TCS because, according to the placement norms back then, we couldnt appear for another company until there was exceptional performance from the batch. I must ve underestimated the TnP chief. He made sure that people walked out of college with atleast one job.There were cases when a few guys bagged 3 jobs as well.
So back to TCS.I went home for the summer holidays with one thing in mind.Bag the best job on offer.But then, the thing called procrastination turned everything upside down.I had to get atleast one job in the first round and that was were it all began.Mission TCS had begun.
But how to go about on this so called mission.I was lost in the wilderness of the infinite number of sample papers that was available on WWW.Then, I decided to enjoy my holidays and slog after getting back to college.That however was not to happen because of the umpteen no. of companies that came before TCS.I ended up attending the PPTs and also appeared for 3 companies, in one of them, I managed to get into the second round of interviews.
Finally, there was only one day to go before the most awaited company for the not so well prepared souls like me.The so called Savior.
The first thing to do was to mug up some 350 odd words that are the frequently asked words in GRE.Mugging up was something out of my comfort zone.So, I decided to mug up a few words and then guess the rest in the written test.It was evening and something that has been very typical of BIT happened.Whenever we ve had exams that were real tough or had CS as its suffix, the power supply had to go atleast for one hour.This time, it was for a couple of hours.It was time to do (IL)Logical Reasoning.All of these were to be done from Barron’s.Yes the very book used in GRE preparation.I felt like throwing this poor laptop of mine on the floor coz it was damn irritating to scroll down that 15 MB e-book of Barron’s.
Finally, I turned off the comp and went to sleep.The sleep was full of nightmares.A devil coming and asking me to tell d synonyms of all the S**ty words. 
The morning was the biggest.All those guys who didnt even bother to bath during Diwali were seen hitting the shower early in the morning. By the time we reached the auditorium for the Pre Placement Talk, it was almost full. WE somehow managed a seat.The wait for the written test was not to end though .I had the test in the second half.The test was the funniest ever I d written. I believe that the Heiroglyphics are relatively recent compared to the question booklets. The pages were almost torn.As the instructor said” Your Time Starts Now”, I opened the booklet, only to see that all the answers were already marked on it. My only task was verifying the numerical problems for accuracy of result.
The test was over after one and a hlaf hours and there was a long wait in the evening to see if I had cleared it.Well i did it, but nobody knew as to wwhen the interview was gonna be. I had it the next day evening.In fact 2 rounds of interview.Technical and HR. THe only question all the interviewers had was, ” Will you go fro higher studies?” I stuck to the biggest lie I ever told and that is ” No higher Studies”.
The results were to be announced the next day.
The result declaration was the funniest thignever.There were so many names to be called out that the TCS guys took turns.
My name was not called for a long time and I was almost on the verge of breaking down when they finally announced my name. I had made it

MISSION TCS had been successfully accomplished !!


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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  1. Cauvery Kesavasamy says:

    good job!! keep up the spirits!! 🙂 congratulations!

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