A Journey in India’s worst as well as best Train

Part 1:

The signal lights turn GREEN, the horn is blown and the usual chaos that happen when a train starts moving follow. Welcome onboard the India’s worst train , the 3352 Alleppey-Dhanbad Express.I call it worse coz it drops us off in a terrible place. The way it gets us there is even more terrible. The route that it takes, the facilities inside, the food, all suck.
The train journey is miserable in every sense of the word. The compartments are from a pre independence era so to speak. The fans and lights may not work at times, no water and stuffed corridors. Stuffed in the sense, filled with people, garbage and baggage.This gets worser if you happen to be in coach no. S 1 as the people who dont find room in the general compartment board this coach. The Ticket Examiner is just namesake. His position should be rechristened to ” Cash Collector”. I m jealous of the amount of money he makes in a single shift.
The journey on the first day is bearable.The journey through Kerala is awesome.We take in the natural beauty of the God’d Own Country. We won’t be seeing 
that for another few months. The second morning is the worst. We enter Andhra Pradesh.I m not saying 
that I hate the state, but then, i t is here that the train starts getting crowded. Also, the train starts moving slower than a Passenger train, halting at every instance of a yellow coloured board being placed. The worst part is that the major stations are not reached in time for the lunch or dinner. So , we have to eitehr adjust with biscuits or the food that they serve from the Pantry car. Believe me, its worse than the Mess food back in college.
The only thing that I await for during this part of the journey is Godavari, the mighty river. It never seems to end. “If only they filled the water tanks in the train with 1/100000000000000 of the water in the river….” I think to myself everytime we cross this river. The ceremonial coin throwing is done, each time with a different wish.
Next morning, I wake up just to see that there’s hardly any room to lay my feet on the ground, let alone walk my way through the corridor to brush my teeth ( if there is water in the overhead tank that is…) The Train finally makes its way to Ranchi. As the train screeches to a halt, we are ready to get down and move back to college for yet another long wait to go back home.

Part 2:
This time, we board the train from Ranchi. Its the most awaited afternoon of that semester. This time around, we are ever so eager to get onto the train. The train number is a little different. Its 3351 Dhanbad Alleppey Express.
I dont mind calling it the Best Train in India, just because of the fact that we get to home by boarding it……


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

4 Responses to A Journey in India’s worst as well as best Train

  1. shreko says:

    da…no comments on the hot andhra ppl..and the hot weather!!!otherwisee temme abt it….though u cud hav added the interestinn STARCAST tht shows up fr entertainin us…hw cud u frget it???well ill forgive u…i guess uv had sme frgettabl memories..ME TOO :P..hehe

  2. vidhyaa says:

    nice post
    anyone who has boarded the 3351 or the 3352 will feel what you’ve posted
    esp. the godavari part …. that was really cool

  3. jc says:

    macha….really cool blog da…
    de only thing missing was a reference to the third sex as shreko put it…
    and try to use de word home in capitals…gives it a totally different feel…also i thot there cud ve been a mention of de doorstep part of it…:-)
    i read de blog and a happy connoisuer i became…:-)

  4. Narain says:

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