A Day to Remember

It was a Wednesday like all other Wednesdays so far this semester. Classes from 8 am till 12.10 pm and then the rest of the day, no classes. I decided to take my guitar, which was beginning to hurt my fingers while playing because of the strings going too high, for repair to town. For company, I called one of my friends. I met another friend of mine on the bus and we decided to go togetehr and complete our tasks and return. The bus took a little longer than usual to reach town, caused mainly by a rally or party meeting which was called by a locl political party. This being our college, the buses wouldn’t have plied, if the issue was a little serious. So, the bus took us finally to town. I showed my guitar at one place, where they gave it back to me saying that there was absolutely no fault with it! I definitely knew that something was wrong, as it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to hold the strings when playing and here is this guy who gave it back to me telling that there was no fault!.
I gave it in an adjacent shop and its gonna take them a week probably to get it back in shape. The bridge ( the long portion of the guitar for the uninitiated ) was slightly bent and they would have to do a lot of stuff it seems. It remains to be seen how much work was needed for this.

We decided to have lunch and went to a chinese restaurant. We had food and then, this friend of mine wanted to get a new pair of shoes. We went to all the footwear showrooms in that part of the town and finally, he decided to get a pair.

We had some more time before the scheduled time for the bus and so, we decided to have a cuppa at Cafe Coffee Day. Finally, it was time to move on. The shopping didnt end there. We did a bit of window shopping before heading for the place from where we needed to catch the bus.

We waited n waited n waited for the 6 pm bus to come, which never did. A guy from our batch brought this great news that all the buses after 4 pm had been cancelled due to a traffic jam on the highway.

We then took an autorickshaw. That took us around the city through a lot of bylanes before they also started getting jammed.  Add to this the Rickshaw Driver’s blabbering about his vehicle running out of fuel. The trip was totally irritating.

Finally, we decided to walk all the way till the road was cleared. But that was a herculean task. We needed to walk atleast 3 km before such a situation could happen, atleast in the best case. We started walking. We walked n walked n walked. The place where we had supposed that the road would  get a little clear came. We asked a few guys in a jeep whether they ca give us a lift till the main junction near our college. They agreed and we boarded it. That was to be shortlived as the jeep gtot stuck in another jam. We got down from the jeep and started walking again.

The Murphy’s Law cannot have a better proof! As soon as we got down from the jeep and started walking, the jam got cleared and the vehicles strted moving smoothly. Then, it was another long walk till the junction.

There was one auto rickshaw parked out there. We hired that and reached the college gate at 9 55pm, 5 mins before the gate closes.

As soon as we reached, we went straight to a shop and got a packet of potato wafers and a soft drink. That was the dinner for the night.

Some bad news was in store however. 2 of my friends had fallen ill that day.

There couldnt have been a worser day. Of all days, the supposedly ” Cool Wednesday “


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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