State Festival

A festival that has been celebrated 25 times in a month? Not some person’s birthdate gotten all wrong. Its the HARTAL. Yes 25 of them held at various places in the state for a variety of reasons.

Earlier, the term as used in the state only for such happenings as a closure of shops in some area as a mark of respect for somebody’s demise. But, the word got a new meaning when the High Court decided to put an end to the so called Bandhs which were happening in the state more frequently than cases piling up for disposal in the court. They happen for a variety of reasons. Ranging from somebody’s death to national issue like crude oil prices and believe it or not, to protest the visit of the US presidents and other international leaders. What is wrong if someone visits the country?

And all this is supposed to be to protest against the atrocities being committed by the govt towards the people. Well, to make life difficult for people by preventing them from leading normal lives by the so called Hartal Supporters is an atrocity in itself. People here expect hartals to be declared anytime. So much so that they stock up commodities like milk, grocery and other essentials for a couple of days in advance.

Forget Hartals. The marches in the city are even worse. Every day, some association or the otehr would hold a march. The result? Traffic is diverted through roads narrower than those footpaths. And from where do these marchers gather enough people? They dont have to look beyond the Govt schools. Kids clad in uniform are there for the marches, no matter which party or union is holding it. As the great men say, “our future is really in their hands”. Seriously, if they go mad, we ll be at the receiving end of their stone pelting and in extreme cases, country bombs.

The offices can certainly do one thing. Ask people to work from their homes and pay their internet bills. And make the helicopters cheaper. Is Tata Listening? Oh wait a minute, the way the no. of hartals are increasing, we may see the protestors blocking the aeroplanes as well!


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  1. shloks says:

    good one:)

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