Getting Hooked

This happens with me all the time. I start getting interested in something. I get really really interested. Then, I get hooked. I get addicted. Then out of the blue, I start hating it. Atleast, I get really really disinterested. Then, all of a sudden, I start missing it. And I get back to it. This cycle continues….

This has happened with me a lot of times. Keyboard, Guitar, Cycling, Social Networking are just a few of them.

Importantly, this happens with my friends which is the problem here. When I get close to someone, I get real close. Then, all of a sudden, there is this void. Half the time, it happens because he/she gets caught up with something. And half of the time due to my own faults. After this happens, there is this gap which is so hard to fill for a few days. Then, the cycle continues…..


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

8 Responses to Getting Hooked

  1. Ramani... says:

    Very true… happens with me as well… I ll get addicted to many things and get bored soon…

  2. vidhyaa says:

    guess we all go thru the cycle. nice post

  3. priya says:

    Oh SO true! But this happening with people is strange. Hmm…

  4. Thor says:

    Maybe u expect too many things in return.
    Best thing to do is expect nothing or even better, expect the worst. That way, watever you get will be unexpected or beyond expectations.

  5. yamini says:

    hope our cycle continues šŸ™‚

  6. Divya says:

    I agree with Thor…maybe we al jst xpct stuff, which is y we get bored or dispntd if/when our xpctns r not met.. Maybe! šŸ˜

  7. Ramya Ramani says:

    maybe thats how life is supposed to be..

  8. Aparna says:

    This happens to all of us.. I was wondering about the exact same thing this morning.. and BAM.. you posted it!! Way to go!! šŸ™‚

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