Plans that come to Nought

Life has been moving very well lately. Everything is so perfect now. Everything going according to plan.

Oh Wait! Did I say PLAN? Now that is something I just can’t do. I don’t think I had planned for it to be like this. Spontaneous decisions have been the way its always worked for me. Before any of you get it wrong, I DO plan. But, either, they dont work out or they come to nought.

A couple of years, maybe 3,, before, I decided to become a decent guitarist. Every day, I would sit with the guitar in my hands trying to play a few tunes and a few exercises. It was planned that I will be pretty good with it in a couple of years. 2 years down the line, I play the same tunes, maybe with more mistakes than ever. A plan that came to nought.

While in college, I decided that MS was what I wanted to do after graduation. The book with all those scary words was bought. I started putting in an hour or two a day for a couple of weeks. Then, it got stalled. Another plan that came to nought.

Last year, I joined my first company. Everything was fine and I planned that I ll work there for a couple of years before making a switch. But, then, the recession took over. I was forced to resign from that job and move to another one. I am happy with my new job. But still, though ,it wasn’t under my control, another plan that came to nought.

While I was still in my first company, towards the end of my stay there, I planned that I ll take the UPSC exams and become a Civil Servant. I planned on what optional subjects to take. I even decided when to start studying for it. But then, it didnt work out. Another plan that came to nought.

While I was waiting for my joining, I had planned when to buy an electric guitar. A year has passed and I still haven’t bought it. Another plan that came to nought

These are just a few cases which have happened recently. A lot of plans have come to nought. Maybe, nothing is supposed to work according to plan for me. Whatever plans I make either come to nought or half a page of scribbled lines.

PS : I was planning to go have some fun with my friends today. Due to some reasons, that plan also came to nought

Post inspired by : Time by Pink Floyd on the Dark Side of the Moon album.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

9 Responses to Plans that come to Nought

  1. shloka says:

    nice:) i liked the ‘they either come to naught or just a half page of scribblings’ bit 😛

  2. yamini says:

    so true vv! i cant agree with you more… somehow my plans just dont tend to work out… but yet i still am content with life =D

    ps:- nicely written

  3. Ramani says:

    I ve never planned to read this nor writing a comment for this… but wht to do… even that come to naught now… 😛

  4. sreek says:

    dude,yes…absolutely true…almost my story except wer i got inspired from…. 😛 ..coz i had planned on… 😉 neednt tel u more.but i guess it will work out fr u..u still got a guitar u still love music….who the fk cares f ur a pro ornot ??? and wt the hell ..u got one more year to b a pro and u can still buy a givson electric guitar 😛 ….

  5. priya says:

    Amazingly well written post! Sort of answered a question of mine too 😀
    Music inspired posts FTW!

  6. Divya says:

    See..this is why you should NOT plan stuff.. Why waste al tht time, wen u knw it’s nt gonna come to anyway..? 😕 😀

  7. Farting Pen says:

    Guitar. Electric guitar. Quit and move on. Weekends. A bullet. A freeflow on the Pulsar. A car. Shift cities. A camera.

    Plans that don’t pan out pretty well have become the order of the day.

    I used to always say I don’t plan. Truth remains that we all do.

    Well written. Good insight. Great song. \m/

  8. Vidhyaa says:

    Well Well, That half a page was dedicated 2 plans that came to nothing but if u begin writing about plans that did work out, u’d write a book. LOL.

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