These Colours Dont Run

The colours on TV have been hurting my eyes. No. Not because the display settings are wrong. Its the problem with the kind of attire and the accessories that the guys who show up on TV wear.

Today morning, I was watching some news channel and the guy was wearing a Pink Shirt. Now, my love for Pink Floyd is well documented. But I simply hate the colour. Of course, I respect it being the symbol of Homosexuality and also, of Breast Cancer, but as the colour of a dress, I simply hate it. And when you talk of Pink, there are pink iPods. Now, how yucky is that??!! Also, Pink Scooters!! Yikes again!

The other day, I happened to watch the cricket match between India n West Indies. I liked the West Indian strategy. Chris Gayle wore sunglasses which had bright yellow frames and Dwayne Bravo wore a wristband which was of the same colour. Except for MS Dhoni, who comes from Jharkhand, a state well known for its affinity to such bright colours, every batsman failed! Talking of MS Dhoni, his IPL team, CSK’s jersey is also Yellow in colour. So is the colour of one of my friend’s bike. Yellow Bike!! Yikes again!!

Another colour which I ve seen recently on TV is parrot green. I Think this colour looks good only on a parrot. Imagine a parrot coloured Car!! Yikes!!

If you wanna see a real riot of colours, then watching some South Indian flicks is a must. They have all sorts of weird colour combinations. At times, they look OK with the kind of background they are against. But, the real fun starts when people start wearing such colours and roam the streets!Yikes!

Talking of colours, Deep Purple got Sued for performing their songs!! The guys who sued them need to be kicked on their backsides so hard that it turns bright red!!

Well, 36 years ago, Floyd composed a track named Any Colour You Like. But, what some of these colours do to me is Brain Damage!


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

3 Responses to These Colours Dont Run

  1. romanticninja says:

    Parrot colored cars do exist in Saudi Arabia. And trust me, they are roxxx.

  2. Arnab Das says:

    lol yeah totally agree. all the wrong colors are making heads turn. now explain to me why on earth would someone have one of these!


  3. Vidhyaa says:

    Ranchi has fluorescent underwear on display in the streets in addition to the same garments in the colors u’ve mentioned in ur post. U’ve noticed that outrage on Ranchi Main Road?
    I was reminded of it when I read ur post.

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