Rust in Peace

Indian currency notes are made from Paper for all I know. Even the coins don’t have iron content AFAIK.

But, here is a Currency NOTE, Rusting in PeacePhoto 0058


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6 Responses to Rust in Peace

  1. Vidhyaa says:

    did that currency note enter ur wallet? is the souvenir just a picture or do u still have the original rusting in peace? cheers 2 the entertainment i get from ur blog! 🙂

    • levelheadedidiot says:

      I still have it in my Wallet. First I thought I ll return it to the shopkeeper who gave it. Then, I thought I ll take it. Who knows, after 10-15 years, it may fetch me millions 😛

  2. Ramani says:

    Another form of RIP… May that currency note Rest In Peace… 😛

    FYI… You can exchange that in a bank.. 🙂

  3. priya says:

    May this note fetch you millions! 😛

    • levelheadedidiot says:

      Hahaha! Yeah. While coming back from office today, the Auto guy didnt have change. I dug into my wallet, found coins worth 5 bucks and gave it to him. I am not parting with this note! I would be happy to part with that toothbrush for any good cause though 😛

  4. Rajkumar says:

    you cant get this note any were else you are the only one who have it .so you are lucky……..

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