Whatever: Part I

I suddenly felt this urge to write something. And I didnt know what to name it. After thinking for sometime, I finally decided to name it Whatever I. From now on, whenever I feel like writing and I find it tough finding a name, I ll name it Whatever II, III and so on.

From my great(read very little) knowledge of movies, I think 4 sequels got released in the last few days. Terminator, Ice Age, Transformers and Harry Potter. I did watch Terminator Salvation. The reason for going to the movie was not the movie itself, but a change from spending the weekend within the confines of the apartment. The story kind of sucked. Everyone except the guy himself knew that he was a Terminator. Which reminds me of a joke where a guy gets scared watching Jurassic Park. When the guy sitting next to him told him that its only a movie, this guy replied,”We humans know that its a movie. They are animals, how would they know?!”

Again, sorry for the joke. I keep putting #mokkais or PJs as they are better known.

Before I forget, Federer v Roddick was the best tennis match I ve ever watched. Roddick played a great game, but then, credits to Federer for just staying afloat and then, waiting for the moment to get onto the boat.

I m doing a 10 to 10 job these days. There is this thing called as adaily chat with the client which happens at 8 30 pm. The very stable broadband connection at home means that I need to stay in office to attend it.

I m getting addicted to Facebook games. FIFA is the only thing I m missing on Linux. Too bad that games are made for the Windows Platform. We should have platform independent games.

Talking of games, one game I loved playing back in the Windows days was Minesweeper. Windows and Games brings to mind a quote someone tweeted the other day. “Linux is for servers, Mac OS X is for graphics and Windows is for Solitaire”

Google is going to venture into the OS scene it seems. But before they do it, it would be better if they have a stable Chrome browser in place. And yes, they should have it for Linux too.

I ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. The interesting ones have made it to the blogroll.

I finally started reading a bit. I mean, 2 book in a month is a START! I finished Godfather and FightClub. Both Amazing books. Thanks to @Thor_ for recommending Fight Club.

Since this is a post which I didnt know how to begin, if you can call the title as the beginning that is, I am also ending the post abruptly.

PS : I m still using that Pink Toothbrush. If somebody is starting something similar to the Pink Chaddi campaign against Baba Ramdev for his appeal against the revoking of 377 by Delhi High Court, please let me know . I would be glad to donate my toothbrush.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

One Response to Whatever: Part I

  1. Vidhyaa says:

    I was surprised to read a post titled “Whatever” but whatever it is (pun intended) ; I can’t make out the genre of this post, it was fun to read. Light writing suits you and I see a bit of humor in ur writing too, humor apart the irony of your pink toothbrush. I like it – ( to be read in a tone of mischief).

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