Fwine Flu

A new plafe to ftay. No internet fo far. Itf been tough. All I ve been doing if go to offife from Monday to Friday, tweet a bit when I find time and then come back to the apartment and fleep. Week three without internet if going on. On Faturday and Funday, I ve been going to the mall nearby for Window fopping and alfo watched a couple of movief. Oh yef! I watched two movief in the laft two weekf. One on the fecond day after the releafe and another on the firft day, the night fhow. By this time, you would be knowing which movie I watched on the firft day fecond fhow. Its an awefome movie. The other movie I watched waf Love Aaj Kal. I find it tough to believe that Harleen is a Brafilian.

Fwine Flu haf affected India. Maharafhtra being affected the moft. Poor guyf didnt get to watch Kaminey when it waf releafed India wide. I went to the mall the other day to meet an online friend. When I told him that we can go infide and fit fomewhere, he refufed. Reafon? Fwine Flu fcare. He waf Fhit fcared about it. The fecurity guyf at the mall were wearing mafk. During the movie the other day, a few perfonf were wearing mafk too. Thefe dayf, I think the beft way to find out whether a perfon is a terrorift or not if by feeing if he if wearing a mafk. If he if not, he if a terrorift. It wont be too long before we fee big brandf felling defigner mafk at their retail outletf. I heard that they are already felling them. Havent feen them in Noida though

Ok, now I ll switch to normal speech. Airtel customer care is so amazing. Everyday, they register a complaint for the same complaint and promise action in 48 hours. This has happened about 48 times now. The best way out would be to apply for a fresh connection. Not tweeting and facebooking has been really tough. It means that I don’t turn on the computer when back home which means no music. All I listen to are some Bollywood numbers when they show it on TV. 😐 And I DON’T like what is happening right now. There are 2-3 bands which need to be given a good listen. This friend I met the other day suggested some 15-20 new bands to listen to. Only good thing that has happened in the meanwhile is my guitar getting some strums and me learning the Opening riff of Demon of the Fall.

EPL has started and Spanish La Liga is gonna start in a couple of weeks. Good times are back. Arsenal had a great game the other day. Seems like the team of the future has finally come of age. They are one team I admire even though they are arch rivals of Man United. United won though they didnt score too many. The attack looked good and it didnt seem like Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez were not at the club anymore. We were a force before they came here and we will be a force even if they are not here anymore. Liverpool lost to Spurs and I liked it 😛

Everyone seem to be talking about SRK’s detention at the Airport. Maybe, the authorities thought it would be cool to Check Him out before he checked out of the airport.

Finding titles for meaningless posts is a tough task. I was just wondering if creativity is a necessity for social networking. When you put something creative in the status message on Facebook or on Twitter, people start commenting and @ messaging. Otherwise, its almost always dull.

I had made a draft a few days back about comebacks and stuff. Australia made an amazing comeback against the English in the 4th test. Too bad that Schumi won’t be making a comeback. 😦

I am hoping that internet finally comes back to the apartment in a few days.

PS : I took extreme painf to type all the Ff as Ff.

PPS : I drafted this at home, took it to office on my pen drive and posted it from there.

PPPS : Never look to transfer an internet connection between two districts even if the shift is just 2 km.

PPPPS : Never believe that a complaint registered with a Customer Care Cell will be taken care off, till the issue has been resolved.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

5 Responses to Fwine Flu

  1. Farting Pen says:

    Good pofft brother!

    Itf really funny to read what a lifp would read like if he wrote.


  2. Farting Pen says:

    And a nife new header. Oh, no wait. You’ve given your blog a fafe lift!

  3. Ramani says:

    hahaha… i dunno how you’r alone getting thefe kindA topicf… hmm poft thif in twitter and facebook and you ll fure get more admirerf …

  4. Vidhyaa says:

    ufff … i am already drowsy and all the f s are making me flip. I liked the thing at u wrote abt SRK , n i like ur dedication 2 blogging. Cheers!

  5. Sreek says:

    hey , nice playin guitar an all .. 😀
    atleast sometihng good happened…
    No internt Connection sUCKS SUCKS SUCKS>……..but look at the positive side man….u got fresh air , water,gods gift tat is life… aah who am i kiddin…get it fixd soon … u airtel baftards..!

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