August : Of Shifting, Internet De-Addiction and Work

Its been a month full of activity. Not much of the interesting types so to speak in the personal space, but on the work front. Been working on this new feature that the client want in the application. Its been one helluva hectic month considering that the project I am in is very light. Working more than 8 hours a day was considered a sin when I joined the project. Now, its gone up to 10, 11 hours a day. Also, the move to the new place hasnt been helping much. It just means lesser amounts of time spent in the apartment which means lesser amounts of music. With the mp3 player on my phone not working, its total #fail.

Airtel provided me with a free de-addiction treatment for the month. No internet at the apartment ensured that I spent lesser time online and thereby, giving me a chance to GET A LIFE (which I obviously didnt because internet is my life and oxygen). 😐 It also meant that I was reminded of the good old days when I didnt have internet at home and I used to take e-mails as text files on Floppy disks to the internet center. Just that the floppy disk was replaced by the USB drive and the internet center by my workplace. Maybe, someday, I should make a movie named, Net Aaj Kal. πŸ˜€ Ok, as always, sorry for that pathetic joke aka #PJ. I keep cracking them all the time. 😐

I havent logged on to Facebook in ages. I miss (not the subscription based radio part, because that was a #mega fail on their part to keep it free in US and UK). I miss the admin interface of wordpress, because I havent been able to use the WYSWIG editor to add links to the posts. Also, I havent been able to bug people on my IM list into reading this blog. 😐 How else do you think that I get comments in here?!This also explains the lesser number of visits to this blog. The total for this month was about 40 while it was more than 350 each in the last two months. The other day, one of my friends was asking me the reason I blog and also, give publicity to it via Twitter and Facebook. I dont have answers for either of them. All I can ask is, how am I supposed let people know about it? I blog because it feels nice to have an outlet for my frustrations, happiness etc. I am not as creative a majority of the blogsphere is. So, I blabber about stuff happening in my life.Β  Some may argue that a Diary is there for this reason. All I can tell them is, this BLOG IS MY ONLINE DIARY. Havent you read the header which says, “Random happenings in a Level Headed Idiot’s Life” ?!

That was the frustu part of me right there. EPL has started in full flow. United lost the other day to new comers Burnley. I didn’t read too much into the defeat and my faith in them was repaid in the very next game vs Wigan. That was a rout! Pool lost again to Villa in midweek. Proves once again that Rafa Benitez ought to concentrate more on training his team than blabbering stuff in the media.

Media have been total #fail all through the month. First, they create panic among the population by showing news about Swine Flu all day long for a week and then, have doctors on Air telling the same public why not to panic. Total #WTF stuff. There is a total #FTW blog about Vodafone, media, reality TV etc written by @OldMonkMGM. Do check it out.

A lot of my good friends whom I ve not been in touch with, messaged me during the last week. Which makes it not too much of a #fail month.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

4 Responses to August : Of Shifting, Internet De-Addiction and Work

  1. Vidhyaa says:

    this post is #nice … god! u r a twitter addict! You too have a nice narrative style … you talk your thoughts out in your blog. No fancy words but real stuff that kicks in … keep at it … Cheers!

  2. Ramani says:

    lol… de-addiction treatment from Airtel… i know how much effort they ve (AIRTEL) taken for that treatment…

    even i am planning to live the internet free life for some time.. πŸ˜›

  3. sreek says: many #s …..# th fk?

  4. priya says:

    Just so you know, I #do read your blog posts! πŸ™‚

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