A Year as a Software Developer

This is not one of those #fail lame@$$, dumb lame@$$ posts that I usually come up with. This is about what I ve learned in a year as a Software Developer in my own lame @$$ way of putting things. πŸ˜›

Here I go.

  • Unless you are doing Systems programming with pointers and hifi stuff like that, you should not be giving a heck about the algorithm. Do the simplest thing that works. The machines are so powerful that an extra loop won’t do anything.
  • You don’t become a good programmer overnight. There are a million best practices, which you can learn only with time. Writing a super cool program which no one else can understand, just because it is the most optimized way to do is not the way to go about it. Every piece of code tells a story. You are an author.
  • There are a million libraries available to do a thing. Choose one and use it. Don’t waste time trying to Re-invent the wheel. If you want to, come up with something that is easier to use than the existing ones.
  • When you are working in a team, everyone needs to look at different ways of approaching a problem. Decide on the best way and start working on it. Pairing up while coding helps a lot.
  • Exceptions/Errors are there for a reason. Make full use of the Error logs to find out the reasons. More often than not, they tell you about a few mistakes you may ve committed.
  • Even the best code can contain bugs. You can only reduce them, not eliminate all of them. Someone who writes software (even Open Source) has a responsibility to fix the bugs as much as he/she can.
  • Testers who know how a feature should be are the best!

Well, there goes my non lame@$$ post. Will be back with lameness soon! #kthxbai


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

21 Responses to A Year as a Software Developer

  1. Priya says:


    everything is greek to me.
    except for the fact that I have a topic called as “pointers” in CS this sem & I find it really hard =(

    • milcom says:

      Haha! Pointers. Wait, have I heard that somewhere? Yes I have! In college… πŸ˜€
      I thought this was the most non-technical technical blog post in the blogosphere! πŸ˜›

    • Thor says:

      pointers are the worst.
      pointer to a pointer
      ad infinitum

      good thing abt pointers are that they give u a very easy way to crash a computer.
      Keep initialising po
      inters in an infinite loop and ‘forget’ to delete them. πŸ™‚

  2. sreekanth says:

    dude total sense…u just spoke it ! no big hifi stuff..most programmers confuse themselves to be that…but ur not ! UR THE MAN..THE LAME ASS SIMPLISTIC PROGRAMMER…..ROCK ON !we need ppl who can simplify the code and make it work…easier to debug too.. πŸ™‚

    • milcom says:

      Seriously man! Just love it when I a simple library call than a big chunk of a new algorithm, which no one can understand or debug

  3. Ramani says:

    Don’t waste time trying to Re-invent the wheel….

    Wonderful quote.. πŸ™‚

  4. Priya says:

    whoa you’re blog is sooo popularr! πŸ˜€

    • milcom says:

      Lol. Wait and watch, the comment count will be the same after a couple of days in all probability. All these guys comment because I ping them individually and ask them to visit and comment. πŸ˜›

  5. Sudhamshu says:

    How can you claim that this isn’t lame@$$ ?! Are you certain that these ‘pointers’ you give for programming are part of the ‘Best Practices’?!
    Kidding πŸ™‚
    I’m certain that you have learnt even more than this in the year. Do share those points too. For they are very true.

    • milcom says:

      I started off by saying that this post is in my own lame@$$ way, So… πŸ˜›

      Learnt a lot of other things as well in a year. Will write them down sometime. πŸ™‚

  6. Manojit says:

    A year as a software engineer.. and you still are optimistic about writing good code .. Kudos !!

    • milcom says:

      Yes I am. And I aim to do that. Because that way, no one will curse me if they have to debug something I wrote. Its not just because I dont want to be a pain to others, its also about those curses. Selfishness FTW πŸ˜€

  7. Arnab Das says:

    although my programming skills are limited to gwbasic which i learnt in school and the odd website which i painstakingly “created” with all those html tags and wrote it in notepad (www.arnabindia.bravehost.com , forgive the silly name!) without taking any help from frontpage, i do somewhat understand the rigours of programming. kudos to u brave programmers! πŸ™‚

    • milcom says:

      It indeed is a tough job. Lots of people talk thrash about the S/W industry. They don’t remember that all those Twitters, the Facebooks, the GOOGLEs, the Office Suites, heck! even the software that run their mobile phones have been developed by people like us.

  8. FartingPen says:

    Dude, #kthxbai = “Ok. Thanks. Bye.” ?

    Shit, I was under the impression it was something like Kantabai or Brought to you Bai :-/

    Nice post. We need more IT dudes like you to drive in some sensibility into banality the the industry is heading to, or at least the dudes who make up the industry.

    Ok. I stopped making sense somewhere along the 2nd sentence of this comment.

    Nice post. Keep going!

  9. vidhyaa says:

    thank u 4 the b’day gift. as u can see, this is a super-hit post. i searched childishly to see if there was a PS for me somewhere in it.
    never mind. as i have my vices, i forgive myself 4 feeling jealous that ur post sold better than mine. lol πŸ™‚
    anyway … it was worth the wait. i love this post. (hug)

  10. Thor says:


    I think this is the frst post vere someone has to say something good about testers .

    A welcome change from the brickbats that testers usually get.

    • milcom says:

      Hehe. Its not like I like all testers equally. There are a few testers at our Client location who know the architecture inside out. At times, they report some issue which may due to a setup issue there, over which we have no control. Then, there are testers who report as BLOCKERS, such issues as a Capitalization of a word. (Once, it turned out that the text was a JPEG file. The same file was used in the wireframe which was given to us.) The testers who understand the architecture also understand why a certain feature can hav its limitations and take input from us Developers and take the issue up with the Business. Such Testers are the Best! Lets a Developer code in Peace!

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