Uphill Downhill

Long long time ago, (when I was a really small kid), my dad told me a Folk tale. That of a guy named Naaranathu Bhraanthan (Bhraanthan meaning Eccentric guy in Malayalam). The guy was a nomad. He had a unique ritual everyday. He would roll a really heavy Rock uphill and take it to the top. And he would let it roll downhil when he reached the top and Laugh at the top of his voice when the rock was going down at a very high speed. The moral of the Story? It takes a lot of effort to reach the top, but very little effort to lose it.

Fast forward. 2001. Yours truly started following football. I started loving Manchester United. I liked one particular guy who played for a rival team. And because of the legacy left behind by that guy, I still have a soft corner for that team. The team is Arsenal and the guy was Thierry Henry. Even when the world was celebrating the Ronaldinhos and the Kakas as the world’s best, I rated him way above all of them. Yesterday, he lost my respect and adulation. It is indeed the referee’s fault that the goal was given even though Henry handled the ball, not once, but twice. Why would I stop admiring him now? His statement. He was not the Referee. Mr Henry, how many times has a goal/decision gone against your team and you have argued with the opposition players and the referee about it?

All the respect that you earned in years, you lost it in one single night. The journey uphill may ve been very tough, but I m sure, it took only a few seconds for all of it to come tumbling down.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

5 Responses to Uphill Downhill

  1. Fawkes says:

    really? he was really such a let down? can’t believe it!

  2. audreza says:

    in thierry henrys defence..i always thot he was a rough player..he committed many a offences in his career..i fail to understand y dis 1catches ur fancy as much as it did!

    • milcom says:

      Henry started off as a rough player. Later on, he matured. I loved his runs, his pace and the ease with which he used to beat defenders. Also, I never saw him doing a Christiano Ronaldo kind of dive in any match I ve seen him play. In this particular match, he cheated. No other word, he CHEATED. I know Maradona, Messi etc have also scored with the help of their hands. So, even their legendary careers are tainted. This guy’s wasn’t up until this particular match.

  3. sreekanth says:

    so iguess its time to start lovin rooney… 😛 ..
    mayb henry was just getting too desperate and was tryin to prove that he has not lost his touch ! 😛

  4. Arnab Das says:

    oh well we all are humans after all, arent we? even zidanne had to leave on a sad note.

    henry now joins the elite club of ‘the hand of god’! (in henry’s case the hand of frog? 😛 )

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