6th Sense

This morning, I read in the news about a Mini Bus overturning and 3 getting killed. The report also mentioned how these locally made vehicles flout norms.

While getting back from office in a share auto, I was wondering whether these autos were also locally made and therefore flouted norms.

The auto caught fire as it was nearing the place I was to get off it. I quickly looked behind to see it any vehicle was coming from behind and jumped off it. Funnily and strangely, another guy in the auto had a problem with me jumping off and tried to stop me. I pushed his arm and jumped off. The fire got extinguished somehow but heck, it was scary.

We talk about sixth sense. Animals having it and all that jazz. Humans have it too. I call it Gut Feeling.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

9 Responses to 6th Sense

  1. eeswara!! You are a phenomenon I say!

  2. Ramani says:


  3. Fawkes says:

    Thank goodness … glad you have sharp reflexes and strong instincts!

  4. Vega says:

    GOd, That must have been a scary experience. How fast was that auto you jumped off from?
    It’s not only the local auto makers but drivers and owners of transport vehicles who are responsible for this. they don’t maintain it properly.

    • milcom says:

      The auto was crawling when I jumped off it. No one got hurt. There was some leak in the Oil chamber. My only concern while jumping off it was the vehicles coming from behind. There was none.

      Agree with you. The owners and drivers flout the norms. Most of them don’t even have a proper permit. The problem however with this city is that this is the only convenient way of moving around. Public transport is almost non existent. The few buses that ply are also privately owned.

  5. I read that news too.
    I think your reflexes were good, to have thought of checking behind before jumping out!

    • milcom says:

      Well, I didnt want to get off an auto on fire and get run over by a bus 😀 It would ve been like a guy struck by lightning getting bitten by a snake. 😛

  6. sreek says:

    lol..idivettiyavane paambu kadichiillaa…che valare moshamayippoyi..but ya ..lucky..and fast and GUTsy 🙂

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