Ad Hoc Post

Right. This blog has been gathering dust for some days now. So much so that ONE reader asked me why I haven’t been blogging (The people whom I force to read this thing weren’t complaining). I thought it would be a good idea to write some lame stuff(as usual) to just keep this thing alive.

For those of you wondering where I have been and why there haven’t been any posts lately, I was taking a Maxx Mobile Time Out. 3…2…1..0… Yay!

The IPL has been going on. Even though I force myself not to watch it, there are times when things are beyond my control and I end up watching bits and pieces of it. And what do I remember from what I have watched? Ads. There is an ad after every 3 balls. A sponsor’s name is mentioned for a six, a catch, a wicket, heck, even a dot ball. Ok, I am exaggerating, but you get the drift.

Add to that the ads in between overs. The most fail ads ever on TV. Let us take a detailed look at each one of them now.

  • That Akshay Kumar mobile phone ad : That is the most disgustng laugh on Indian Television ever. Even worse than Rahul Mahajan’s. After watching that ad, I can only say,  “Eheheheh…eheheheh…eheheheh…”
  • Those Docomo ads : Just BS. Daily plans it seems. An orthodox lady letting her daughter have a tattoo on the back. And the daughter least expecting the reaction from her mom. How the heck is that related to Daily plans? That jingle is something I hate btw.
  • Those irritating egg headed buggers : You guessed that right. Last year, when that series came out, it was a novelty. Then they started overdoing it. Now, they are the most bugging creatures on Television.
  • The Dancer cum Racist’s Ad : If you are still wondering who he is, the man tweets with the best grammEr in town. “Z” is his lifetime companion. And yeah, he has gone to schoolzz. This guy says that caring about your Skin colour is more important than brushing your teeth. Racism on TV ladies and gentlemen.
  • A,B ya C Batao Abomination : Youngistan ka WHAT? Dude, even those 70’s movie portrayed Genies and all that with far lesser technology and graphics. A bright red costume with a funny beard doesn’t make you a genie!

Sigh, its an Ad driven world and here is my Ad Hoc Post. In case I get a comment or two for this post, it ll definitely be a Citi Moment of Success.

So Long!


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

5 Responses to Ad Hoc Post

  1. Arnab Das says:

    nice one! 🙂

    btw really hate a few things. we have been labelled ‘youngistanis’ just because pepsi decided so. WTF!

    and yes, cricket has become intolerable these days. someone really needs to do something about this or else soon, we’ll have cricket matches where the ads will prevail and cricket will be the ‘break’ from the live ads.

  2. Ditto for 1, 2 okay, all of them.

  3. priya says:

    I agree with the ZooZoos. I liked them the first time. This year, they over did everything. It was irritating.

    Shahid Kapoor…..HAHAHA.

    Hey, I fell for the Docomo – Suno Wahi Jo Tum Sunna Chaho AD!! [even the interview one].

    There were times when Pepsi ads were young and creative. Not anymore.

    Seems like I agree with everything on your blog. What is the point of this comment. Tch.

  4. Sudhamshu says:

    This is Comment no. 4. This makes it your 2nd Citi moment of Success. You might actually win the match!
    And what nonsense are you talking? Ads were not shown between cricket. Cricket was shown between ads, when advertisers decided to take a break!

    • milcom says:

      You posted the 400th comment on the blog(out of which 350 are mine). Certainly a Citi Moment of Success 😀

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