Voices in my head

A lot of new thoughts work has been happening these days. So much that I haven’t had the time to write/read much.(In case you didn’t know, I made 6 posts in June, which is a first for me.) Last time(or was it the one before that? :S ) I wrote about how opinions matter for things to fall into place and signed off before my stinking opinion on opinions got posted. The stink has been transferred to this post btw. There are a few things which have been going on lately and I have to rant.

Facebook and Privacy : Do you spend anything (apart from your time) to be on Facebook? If yes, then don’t read any further. If not, read on. Have you ever gotten concerned about privacy while being there? If you have, then why the hell are you posting personal info in there? You can always leave that phone number field blank. You can always talk to your friend via email. Why do you post private messages on each other’s wall and get concerned that some omnipotent being is watching what you write in there and that the data there will be shared with a lot of harmful forces? Sharing every bit of personal info out there and getting bothered about privacy is like staying inside a glass house naked and getting angry at all those curious eyes taking a look!

Commonwealth Games : Hmm, what to say about this? Crores of rupees spent. Buildings of a quality unknown have been built. The lowest quality that is. And we have a bunch of beggars asking for money from the richest sporting body in the country. What for? You guys have got a few extra inches of space inside those lockers where all the remaining money is stashed? Like I said the other day, we must have a celebrity death match between Lalit Modi and Suresh Kalmadi. Winner gets the bragging rights for the best sporting event the world has ever seen.

Plagiarists : When copying something, especially a creative work, does it hurt to give credits to anyone? (You are not working on your final semester project are you?)

Rant done. Bye.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

5 Responses to Voices in my head

  1. Ramani says:

    As usual… Good one… 🙂

    I believe for Suresh Kalmadi will win easily over Lalit Modi!!!..

    • milcom says:

      Tough call if you ask me. If Mani Shankar Aiyar is the referee, he’ll deliver a low blow to Kalmadi and help Modi win 😛

  2. vidhyaa12 says:

    I donno anything about the common wealth games, ignorance is bliss.

    @ Facebook – Who cares? If someone wants privacy so much, they can delete their account.

  3. cau says:

    hey,, good one.. if not for FB, i wudnt have seen ur update.. 😛

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