Open Letter to Failtel

Dear Failtel,

I am was one of your loyal customers. I loved your service. And whenever anyone asked me for suggestions for an ISP, I gave your name.

You betrayed my trust.

Last year, when we moved to a new place, your customer care executive promised us that the connection would be shifted to the new residence in 48 hours. It took about 24 days and about 120 calls from our end for one of your staff to come over and setup the new connection. This after a promise of action within 24 hours on most phone calls. Repeated calls had to be made on some days because your customer care executive was so well mannered that he used to disconnect the call in the middle of the conversation.

I still trusted our relationship. I was always satisfied with the speeds I received and there was never an issue with the connection, once it was setup.

You decided that you will provide all your customers with bandwidth, twice of what the subscription plan offered. My love for you increased.

Then, this happened.

You decided to come up with something known as a Fair Usage Policy, which I am not sure, looks fair from any angle. What do you mean by halving the bandwidth when we have reached a download limit of 2 GB? I looked up the dictionary for the meaning of unlimited and it surely means “having no bounds”. I looked up more dictionaries and all of them gave the same meaning. Which means, this is unfair.

To add more insult, I get redirected to a page titled Fair Usage Policy when I am in the middle of something. You reduced our connections’ bandwidth and now, you have decided that you won’t let us browse in peace as well. And all of this was done without informing any of us. Very fair indeed.

You have lost my trust. This is definitely NOT the way to treat your customers. None of us are missing the dial up days that you should take us back to those days and remind us, how things were, back then.

You have lost a loyal customer. Next time, I will not suggest any ISP in particular when an acquaintance asks me for suggestion. I will ask him to go for any other ISP other than you.

Yours sincerely


Loyal Customer (Former) of Failtel

PS : This is a fictitious company. Any resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

4 Responses to Open Letter to Failtel

  1. My Google Reader isn’t working properly & it’s irritating to say the least.

    Why does this sound like a letter I wrote two years ago to to Reliance & Tata?

  2. Arnab Das says:

    the failtel customer care seriously sucks ass. once upon a time on a faraway land when my mobile connection screwed up, the failtel guys blocked my access to customer care for around a week apparently coz i had been calling too often. and yeah. the fair usage policy sucks ass. btw u havent even heard of un-reliance’s version of unlimited. they say anything more than 10 gigs is unlimited as per TRAI rules. i say wtf!

  3. sreek says:

    bro , one is gonna sue u if u say the real name….. !!! and yea..i think m gonna get rid of failtel too..what suckers……just waiting for a good plan….F*!$!@$ lousy bastards..!!

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