Save the Foot Pavements – 14.11 left

The post may not make sense in terms of numbers, but foot pavements aka footpaths, meant for pedestrians are an endangered lot in a small town, which is part of the National Capital Region, called NO IDeA. This is a rant post. If you don’t mind, read on.

First up, NCR was voted the most painful region to ride around in a vehicle. While I agree with the facts, I won’t talk in favour of the million riders who clog the traffic by giving their nanosecond much more importance than the nanosecond of others and in the process, waste precious minutes and in worst cases hours, trying to come out of the deadlock. If someone is not clear with what “catch 22” means, bring him here. He will get out of the place with as good as an example of catch 22 as he can get.

These vehicles, not only clog the roads, they also treat the foot pavements as a part of the road. It is as if, those are the special lanes reserved for two wheelers. Forget two wheelers, I have seen cars occupying those spaces! This is reason number one, why the foot pavements are endangered.

The roadside vendors, drunk blokes, beggars, eateries occupy a majority of these spaces. That is reason number two for you.

Those guys who convert the foot pavements into makeshift urinals. I am talking about those very stinkers who take a piss standing right in the middle of the footpath and aiming for the wall/bush. I’m assuming that they are afraid of random creatures jumping at them if they stood a little closer to the end of the space and eased the pressure. Of course, this is India, people don’t give a heck about spitting anywhere, who is going to stop us from answering nature’s call, no matter where it happens eh? Now, you heard reason number three.

Piling up materials like sand, gravel etc which are meant for wasting the taxpayers’ money of useless shit developmental activities like constructing new statues, useless facades on the foot pavements, thereby encroaching on the little space remaining after the previous three factors have contributed to the endangering of foot pavements. Reason number four. If you are bored, stop here. If you do not mind reading some vulgar language, read on.

I finally identified an empty stretch of footpath, devoid of any of the above mentioned features. Still no one was found to be using it. Reason? They have planted shrubs, not trees in there, which are very short and a person of ordinary height will definitely feel like a midget smelling the bush. I did warn you before I wrote this. Now don’t say shit about how you didn’t expect such vulgarity out here. Reason number five!

I would’ve loved to attach pictures as proof. Since NCR is safer than heaven, I was and still am afraid to carry my camera around while traveling by foot.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

One Response to Save the Foot Pavements – 14.11 left

  1. Sudhamshu says:

    I’ve myself been quite pained with the way footpaths have become redundant. I have heard similar stories from Bangalore, Mumbai and have faced these issues in Chennai too. (Actually, I didn’t understand reason #5)
    If roadside hawkers don’t take away foot pavement space, shops right behind it use it as an extension of their own shop by putting up boards or their own merchandise.
    As a consequence, Chennai corporation has begun chipping away at most of the footpaths in the city. Every time there is road-widening mentioned, you know that the footpath will be the first to go. It is saddening that the citizen who prefers walking is being sidelined all over the country.

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