Accidental Anarchy

We had gone on a road trip a few days back. At one point, a gentleman, riding a car refused to give us a bit of space for us to overtake his vehicle. His intentions were correct. There was an autorickshaw and he wanted to overtake it before giving us some space. My friend who was riding the car had a road rage, went after that particular car and cornered him. The gentleman got pissed and parked his car across ours’ and he came out.

I won’t go into more details of what exactly happened leading to the incident. What followed really pissed me off and to be honest, frightened me at that time. So much that I didn’t come out of the car at all.

The gentleman threatened us about how much of a bigshot he is.(I had mentioned something of that sort in my last post. I am assuming that only @sudhamshu read that thing.)

By that time, another guy parked his car behind ours and came out and started bragging about his position. He claimed that he was a police officer and he was some official of the Tihar Jail. From his looks, he looked like a local street goon. And he talked and behaved that way. First, he tried to manhandle my friend. Then, when that gentleman intervened, he went back to his vehicle, took out his gun and kept my friend at gun point. I do not care if it was an actual gun or a toy gun, but it could’ve hurt my friend.

Thankfully, the highway police was there by then and he asked that moron to leave.

I won’t describe what happened after that. Again, there is a brief of what happened there in the previous post.(Another reason you should read that one.)

What I cannot comprehend are these

  • Civilian using a gun. Is it so easy to get a weapon license in India?
  • Why did he get involved in a matter with which, he shouldn’t have had any business?
  • Do they even conduct a mental health check up before issuing a weapon’s license?
  • Even if he was a police official as he claimed to be, are they allowed to carry the weapon while not on duty and use it in very light situations like this.

Probably, all of these questions will go unanswered, but I am worried. No place is safe right now. There are terrorists and then, there are psychos like this guy who can wreak havoc any time of the day. This thing happened at about 5 30 pm!

I am very worried for the unarmed. 😐


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

3 Responses to Accidental Anarchy

  1. Vidhyaa says:

    When we are outnumbered by psychos we can only stay away. Sad to know that the world out there can actually get ugly.

  2. vadakkus says:

    And didn’t the cops ask the moron for his gun license? Of course they didn’t. Stay safe. I always carry a minor league baseball bat in my car.

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