Sree Shan’t (to) be made Admiral in the Navy

After months of deciding over the matter, it was announced last night that Sree Shan’t (will) be made the Admiral in the Navy. This comes as a pleasant surprise to the citizens of the God’s Own Country after their disappointment at seeing their hero not being honoured, especially at a time when a lesser mortal, who also goes by the sobriquet “Master Blaster”, was conferred a position in the Air Force.

When asked to comment on the decision, a citizen of Coconut land said that it was a mere formality. “His contribution to Indian s(port) has been laudable”, he said, trying very hard to put in a pun about the legend putting a port city’s name on the Indian map as well as the Naval connection to ports.

Another fan said that it was because of Sree that half of “The Amits” have now realized that Madras isn’t one big region, but is made of at least two states, Malayalam and Madras.

BS Beedi was furious at the decision and said that “jokers shouldn’t be given such high honours”. When this correspondent pointed out that a lot of jokers, who do their trade in the acting have been given honorary doctorates in the past, he said that sport is different from acting and that jokers do not have a place in sport. Sree declined to comment on this statement, not before pointing out that Beedi is an ordinary dope.

The HRD ministry has opposed the decision claiming that Sree is not a citizen of the country. When it was brought to their notice that God’s Own Country is not a separate nation, they said that it has been sent to the Special Committee for clarification.

Meanwhile, Pussy Army chief stated in his editorial on their mouthpiece “Sham? na!” that this was a North/South lobby acting against the Manoos and that in future, all such honorary titles should be conferred only on Manoos. Elsewhere, HS Plaha was doing the maa ki dance, while shouting that he had the honour of once slapping an Admiral in the Navy.

A (break) dance party has been called by Sree to celebrate the occasion. He has also said that the first thing he would do on board is to stand on the prow in a Titanic pose.


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11 Responses to Sree Shan’t (to) be made Admiral in the Navy

  1. Arnab Das says:

    Hahaha! ROFL! this is one of my fav posts! “Sham na”! 😀

  2. Sudhamshu says:

    For a lack of ‘like’ button, I leave a comment that adds no humour to his really (P)funny post!

  3. Vineet says:

    Brilliant.. outdid yourself

  4. Rashmi Nair says:

    ROFL! Now this is the cricket I would like to read about daily…. 😛 . else the whole game of bats and balls isnt attractive at all .. with crazy manoos practically licking, itching and running after balls all the time…. Darn funny post! 😀

    Were you high on emotions while visiting my blog… 😛 there was nothing to sob about you knw.

  5. Anand Raj says:

    hey dude.. u just broke all the barriers.. i just loved the blog.. nice one dear..

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