Last Resort? Saviour? Really?

While chatting with a friend on GTalk, the other day, she ended up saying that “MBA is the saviour/last resort of those who are dumb or bored/scared to continue coding”

Really? Are your careers just limited to Engg, MBA or an MBBS?

I am an engineer, but that doesn’t mean, I am one by force. I am one by choice. When I get sick of coding, I will move to some other field. I don’t know what, but I won’t hang in there. And please, a career in management is NOT the end that has to be reached no matter what!

Views, arguments, contradicting etc welcome.

Note: Thanks to Thor for pointing out the missing NOT in the last line


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

6 Responses to Last Resort? Saviour? Really?

  1. Vidhyaa says:

    The desire to pursue anything comes from within. A lot of people constrain their choices because they join the herd initially. It’s very easy to live without a sense of identity sometimes … but that can’t last forever. IMHO, a person who doesn’t know what they like / doesn’t try to find out what that is, wipe out their intellectual identity. It’s sad and I am being blunt. Whatever!

  2. Thor says:

    And please, a career in management is the end that has to be reached no matter what!


  3. milcom says:

    Heck! I wanted to write NOT in there. How did I miss that. Updating the post now

  4. ishmeet says:

    You are an engineer by choice, but there are so many more out there that aren’t. Those guys went into this field just for the money. And trust me, there are a lot of those working in companies. And these are the kind that will get bored/frustrated of coding, and will end up choosing a career in management. The fact that around 70% of people getting into the the top MBA institutes are engineers is just alarming. Why did these guys take up engineering in the first place? Sure, there can be some who want to have the best of both worlds, but most of them just want the money. They pursued engineering because that’s where they could get the money, and then they realised that they can’t cope with it, and the only stream that could offer them more money than engineering is management, so they go and do that. That’s the basic problem with our education system. We don’t study what we want to study. We study what will get us the maximum amount of money and job security.

    • milcom says:

      I completely agree with you. But isn’t it time that we stopped blaming the system for everything and did some out of the box thinking ourselves? I know it is difficult, but definitely worth it and doable. The more people realize that money and job security are the ends of everything and that being content with what they do is also very important, the better.

  5. Ish says:

    Yes, that is precisely that needs to be done. We need to realise that it’s we who make up the system. Whenever I find someone who actually wants to pursue his/her dreams, I do my best to motivate them, because if everyone starts becoming an engineer or an MBA, who’s gonna write the beautiful books? Who’s gonna play the godawesome music? Who’s gonna get a gold medal in an unknown sport? Sure I don’t mind Chetan Bhagat, but seriously, I don’t want all the books I read to be about the troubles faced in college and the workplace yadda yadda yadda.

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