Tag of War

Because no one tags me to write about something and because I am entirely jobless on a Saturday night AND because I haven’t written anything lame in what was originally meant to be a lame blog, I tag myself to write about the things I’ve been doing these days

Book : The Lord of the Rings (Re read)

Movie : The Return of the King (LoTR Part 3)

Band : Porcupine Tree

Album : Diamonds by Enforcer

Pastime : Staring at the computer screen

Online Activity : Going through Metal Injection Forums

Turn on Topic : Suresh Kalmadi bashing, Indian Media bashing etc. Basically bashing sad things

Useless Activity : Subscribing to many RSS feeds and clicking Mark as Read on seeing a huge number of items waiting to be read

Superpower : Tripping on invisible objects. Happened twice on the road in the past month

Most used word on IM : “Yawn” (Replacing Whatever)

Obsession : Trying to get back to my lame self


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

8 Responses to Tag of War

  1. ishmeet says:

    You know I wouldn’t mind a yawn in my conversation at all, but there is one word that absolutely kills all conversation. It is the Jack Bauer, Rajanikant, and Chuck Norris of all conversation killers combined into one. It is:


    Just what does one say to that? :-/

    • milcom says:

      I use “hmmm” quite a lot. Most of the times when the person at the other end says uninteresting things. Sometimes, it just slips out though, making the other person wonder if I have any interest at all in listening to what he/she has to say!

  2. sreek says:

    bro since i never knew that u wer looking out for a tag, m giving you one (along with mine)

    1 Id rather die than
    2. I would rather not talk to that chick in the metro compartment coz
    3. I would rather not get out of the house right now and go chick mongering coz
    4. I can eat 10 chapatis in one go , provided
    5. I am the best cook , when it comes to ( ya gay gay :P)
    6. Bass Heavy vs Treble Heavy
    7. Death metal vs Thrash metal
    8. Guitar vs Twitter
    9. Nerd vs Metalhead , wic one would u rather be known as ? 😛
    10. College Crush
    11.School Crush
    12.Dumping experiences
    13.Passion since childhood
    14.Greatest #fail moment
    15.Greatest #epic #win moment

    I know its kinda lame.bt this is like a 3m ins tag creation 😀

  3. Sudhamshu says:

    Dood! A Tag post isn’t complete without tagging other people, mailing them about it, commenting on their blog about it, reminding them over Twitter about it and then defacing their wall on Facebook after a week for not completing the tag request. Now please go ahead and do the needful.

    PS: By reminding you about it, I have extricated myself out of the tag. So you can’t tell me “You’re It”!

  4. subbulakshmistoned says:

    Whattay lifestyle! *envious*

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