Ok. A Tag. Really.

Shrecks couldn’t bear that I’ve never been tagged and decided to make up one of his own. And here I am wondering what to do on a boring Wednesday Thursday morning.

1 I’d rather die than – work for Microsoft. (Mandatory Microsoft bashing done. *Relieved*)
2. I would rather not talk to that chick in the metro compartment coz – there are going to be better chicks at the place where I’ll get out.
3. I would rather not get out of the house right now and go chick mongering coz – Twitter is the shite! And my new headphones kick some major ass.
4. I can eat 10 chapatis in one go , provided – they’re home made and one go = 3 hours
5. I am the best cook , when it comes to – making spoilt broths?
6. Bass Heavy vs Treble Heavy – Bass of course! A moderate amount of both is preferred though
7. Death metal vs Thrash metal – Thrash (Opeth remains my favorite band though)
8. Guitar vs Twitter – Guitar. You didn’t say guitaring/tweeting, did you?
9. Nerd vs Metalhead , wic one would u rather be known as ? Metalhead. Nerds come off as cool folks. I am not cool.
10. College Crush – Eh?
11.School Crush – Britney Spears (True Story. 😐 )
12.Dumping experiences – The best one was after I cleaned my closet(cupboard). It felt real good to get the rubbish out.
13.Passion since childhood – Mujeek
14.Greatest #fail moment – I once boarded a ladies’ bus unknowingly. Was a school kid at that time(7th or 8th grade), but that was quite embarrassing.
15.Greatest #epic #win moment – so far, it has to be watching Opeth live.

The tag goes (back) to Shrecks. Will update this space if I find more folks whom I can tag.

PS : Excuse me for the grammar/spelling in the questions. Take your fury out on the guy who made the questions


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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