Fed Up of Relentless Ridicule, Sreeshan’t to Change His Name

Close on the heels of the announcement by his home team in the Indian Paisa League to change the team name after being the object of ridicule, Sreeshan’t has decided that he is going for a name change himself. He has now decided to be known as Shantakumara Sambhavam (Sambhavam is slang for The Real Deal in Malayalam)

In a press meet, he said that he had had enough of the ridicule he has been subject to, on the internet and that a name change will really help him focus on the game. When asked if the name change will become the new topic for ridicule, he said, “Life Goes On”. His team mate, Ashish Neera added that the name will be enough to scare the opposition. “The problem with the earlier name was that it was way too funny. Now, the batsmen will get scared by just seeing the word, Sambhavam”, he added. Sambhavam also quoted the Bhagawat Geeta while explaining that people with that name usher in a new era, “Sambhavaami yugae yugae”, he said.

Die hard fans @chuck_gopal and @milcom_ who were found discussing the prospects of him getting figures of 10/10 in an ODI earlier in the day, have new found hope that their idol can get a brilliant run going with the new name.

Sreeshan’t hopes that he can put up a new Twitter Handle and block the same people again. This, he says will give him enough practice to block the balls, there by avoiding the embarrassing moments like the ones faced by Venkatesh Prasad during the 1999 World Cup, where the team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Leading commentator, Raving Shastri said that this is just what the doctor ordered for the mentally shattered Sreeshan’t and that the ball is less likelier to fly to the fence like a tracer bullet now.

Meanwhile, HJS has decided to protest against the denigration of Hindu God as a result of this name change. It has to be noted that a work by Kalidasa by the name, Kumara Sambhavam exists.

Navy officials were unavailable to answer the question whether the Admiral title awarded to him last year would be revoked.


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4 Responses to Fed Up of Relentless Ridicule, Sreeshan’t to Change His Name

  1. Sid says:

    Hahahahahaha! Good one!

  2. sajith says:

    hahaha. You are too mean to ur hero dude.

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