Live Action

After pondering over it for months, I decided to finally go watch a cricket match at the stadium. So what if it was a game featuring Team India aka BCCI XI! I could get to see Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest batsman of the generation, in person. So I went. With the excitement of a kid at the candy store. I lived to tell the tale too.

The atmosphere was electrifying, to steal a quote from the Shastri book of commentary. Too bad that the man himself was not present there during the toss. (Didn’t stay back until the presentation ceremony got over.) Then there were characters sitting near us. One guy wanted to know every single bit of detail about why I came to watch the match, how much the ticket cost, how I came to the stadium, whether I have watched any other game live, my lineage etc. After swapping seats with a friend and heaving a sigh of relief, match watching was continued. And then, there were the jingo heads. Those who will cheer anything that Team India ever did. Including Zaheer Khan knocking off the stumps while warming up on a practice pitch. (Those buggards didn’t take notice of my idol, Sreesanth bringing down the furniture not once, but twice.)

But the real deal was shouting “Sachin, Sachin” when he was doing catching practice. In front of us. Was this the man they call God? Oh yes. He was. He wasn’t much different from what we saw of him on TV and in photographs. Also, he waved at us! 😀

The national anthem made us proud. Singing along with a near capacity crowd, priceless.

The match got boring. That is when Mexican waves came to the party. It converted everyone to Dutch supporters for a while. Team India needed a score to chase down. And chase down they did. Like no one else could. Messing it up and then, the ugliest batsman of the generation playing some ugly shots and bringing down the scoring rate from about 6.5 an over to near about 4. Or was it 5? Yawn.

Just when we thought that the game had become sleep inducing, we heard a gem from that same dude who bugged me. He was on phone and this is how he explained his seating position in the stadium, “My seat is towards the, oh wait a minute, I’ll explain it better. Yuvraj Singh will hit the ball in my direction now.”

Finally, the game was won and cricket was the real winner.

Did I tell you that I saw God there? I am talking about Ashish Nehra.

PS : Special thanks to my friend on insisting that I go with the group to watch the game.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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  1. One thing that this format has done is bring in people who might not have been die-hard fans of the game – my mother and sister watch the game with interest these days. The moment the team falters at the start the middle order has taken chargeIn that game the pitch had a tinge of green on it probably was tailored to suit the hosts.

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