Open Letter to the Annoying Person

Dear Annoying Person,

You are really annoying. You piss me off. Badly. I’ll tell you why.

I initially thought that you were cool. I started opening up with you. Then, you got under my skin. You started taking things for granted. You wanted to know every bit of detail about what was going on with me even when I didn’t want to tell you. I got close to you, but you were never my secret keeper. I don’t trust you enough even now.I hoped you wouldn’t keep persisting with your quest to know about everything I do. And when I didn’t tell you something, you got pissed off and started behaving differently. I find that annoying.

You do not know what sarcasm and exaggeration are. You take every thing I say quite literally. You cannot understand the tone in my voice. I don’t even know how you get your daily dose of laughter. How do you take a joke? By analyzing the situation and then claiming that such a situation is impossible? I find that annoying.

You ask me for my opinion all the time. And when I give mine, you call that juvenile. You won’t consider my views to be correct. If you were presuming that I was going to be wrong, why did you ask me in first place? And then, you go ahead and ask some one else for his/her opinion. When he repeats the same thing I had given you in first place, you place him/her on the altar and worship the being. Without even caring to remember that I had given you the same answers. I find that annoying.

I also don’t approve of your shoving your opinion down others’ throats. You try to be dominating in your group. You don’t even care to listen to others and just shoot down their views. Your holier than thou attitude annoys me.

You may have some issues with me. You don’t talk it out with me. Instead, you go and tell it to someone else. And the two of you conspire to make my life hell. I find that annoying.

I hope you have realized what you need to set straight. I hope you read this with an open mind and let it in.

Yours Faithfully,

PS : If you are that annoying person, I hope you correct yourselves. If you aren’t that annoying guy and think that you are not at fault, this is for you too. You are doing the same things unknowingly.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

3 Responses to Open Letter to the Annoying Person

  1. zakaria alhassan says:

    Just fallen in love with your letter as its contents
    reflects in most people i have encountered.

  2. I love your open letter .. infact there is someone I wanted to write a similar letter to and was looking for some inspiration when I came across yours .. just what i had in my mind 😀 – Sangeeta –

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