Courier Woes

I am writing this blog post under immense stress. I have a head ache which is threatening to blow up my head, but I have to vent. Those of you who think that a guy who is going to sue a courier company for just delivering the parcel at the wrong place can stop reading. It was much more serious. I admit, I have laughed at newspaper reports talking about people getting compensation in the range of 1000s for having been “mentally harassed” by the consumer goods/services industry in the country. After being through hell over the last three days, I feel I was wrong to have laughed at them. They do have a point. And I have a few to make now.

A band I worship decides to tour India. I get excited. I am one of the first ones to book the ticket online on a portal. The ticketing agency makes a delay in shipping the tickets. I try doing the math to see if I’ll get the tickets delivered to my home city (I had to ship them to my home city instead of the city where I work for reasons that cannot be mentioned here) and get them sent to the city where I work(NO IDeA for those who don’t know). I see that it is possible if the couriers are prompt with their deliveries. They weren’t.

First up, AFL couriers(I don’t mind if they sue me for publicly criticizing their service) decides to keep the two shipments, sent on different dates, with them for a certain amount of time without notifying me because the shipping address was out of their delivery area. After taking it up with them, they agreed to deliver the ticket, which was sent latest, at my mom’s office. When asked about the earlier ticket, they told us that it was stuck in Kochi and can be delivered at my mom’s office on Friday, October the 21st. There is still time. The gig is on 28th. On Saturday, they call up and tell mom that they can deliver the ticket only on Monday. I asked her to face them with a lawsuit threat and ask them to return the ticket to the ticketing agency, so that I can at least collect the ticket from the venue. They did that at least. I am dissatisfied with what they did and will never use their service, but I will not sue them.

The ticket which did end up at my mom’s office was picked up by Blue Dart on Thursday, 20th October in the A.M. The expected delivery date was shown as 22nd October, 2011, with which I had no issues because I would be in office on that day and will be able to collect it. A Blue Dart shipment did arrive at my office, but it was for some one else. Curious to know what was happening with my order, I emailed them enquiring about the status to which they replied that it was out for delivery and should reach me by 4:15 pm. I eagerly waited for the delivery. Which never came. The website said that “Consignee not available at given address”. I was in a meeting at that time, so I decided to call them up soon after the meeting got over. The automated system asked me to get back in touch on Monday. I was worried that an L became an N while telling the address over phone to my mom. The poor lady didn’t sleep the whole night being worried whether she had indeed made such a mistake. She headed to her office on Sunday, just to check the receipt the Blue Dart pickup staff gave her. It had L at the right place and N at its right place.

I slept peacefully, although a little excited/tense about receiving the ticket on Monday. I called up the Blue Dart customer service in the morning asking them as to why the shipment wasn’t delivered on Saturday and the status was shown wrongly. They reported the delivery boy couldn’t find the address mentioned on the parcel. When I asked them for the address, all it said was “<Company Name>, Noida Main Road-<Pin Code>”. I told them that that was neither the address which was provided to them nor the one written on the cover(no one with the least bit of common sense would write such an address to reach some one like me, leave alone my mom who is a very brainy lady). I was told that I can contact the shippers back in Trivandrum so that they’ll confirm the correct address and the parcel delivered to me by evening.

My mom called them up at Trivandrum, only to be told that she had given the wrong address. When she told them that she had the receipt which they had written themselves and had the right address, they told her that it’s not a proof of the correct address and their records is the real deal. She was also asked to commit in writing that she had provided the wrong address. However, I assured her that they cannot take her for a ride just like that and asked them to collect a copy of the receipt from her so that they can verify the address on their system and admit that they made the mistake while doing the data entry. We were asked to wait till 1 pm for a status update. The update which I got was encouraging in that they accepted their mistake and had done corrective measures to deliver the parcel at the updated address. I called up the Delhi Blue Dart Customer Service to confirm the updation, which hadn’t happened even then. I was told that it was because the updation took some time to propagate. I was also told that the delivery boy was out at 11 am for delivering it at my address. Which I think, was a lie because how could they deliver a shipment at a supposedly incomplete address which wasn’t updated till 1 pm?

At 3 20 pm, I received an email from Track Dart(one of their services which sends out email alerts) saying that the shipment has been delivered and the recipient was some lady named Alka. There is no one named Alka in my office. I called them up regarding this. I was told in no uncertain terms that the shipment has been delivered and nothing much could be done about it. They, however did promise to get back to me before end of the day with details of who delivered the shipment and at which exact location. That didn’t happen too. I had threatened legal action via their “Contact Us” service and also sent another comment asking them about what exactly happened with them delivering the ticket to this Ms Alka. I didn’t get a response to either emails. Either they are above the law or think that I’m bluffing.

My mom got a courtesy call from the pick up folks in Trivandrum. They told her that the shipment was delivered to Ms Alka. She told them what had exactly happened and got annoyed with them. They asked her why she didn’t call up to ask about the status of the shipment and waited for their call instead. I am thankful they didn’t ask why she didn’t fly to Delhi to see if the shipment had indeed reached my office or not.

That is it. My mom is ready to forgive them for their mishandling and poor service. She is a simple woman who doesn’t believe in hurting anyone. But I am not. I want to sue Blue Dart for putting me through immense stress and harassing my mom. As well as their reluctance to share the details about the delivery. I am getting in touch with @MyAkosha tomorrow morning and pursuing the case.

As for the tickets, I have an alternative because a friend of mine has one extra. Now sue me for encouraging Black Marketing, will you? 😉


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

3 Responses to Courier Woes

  1. Wow. Out of words. No wonder you were harassed all week.

  2. Rahul Vittal says:

    That’s one harrowing ordeal you had with Blue Dart. Two words for you: Sue Them.

  3. premyz says:

    I have experienced the same a couple of times in the past. Their delivery boys are notorious fellows. They will not come but report that they had come and they don’t even place a “We missed you” card. (For this, they need to first come right?). I emailed to the regional/zonal heads about the incident and the next day, the delivery boy along with his manager came home, delivered the shipment and pleaded to write back that I had received the parcel. There is absolutely no use in talking with the customer service representatives!

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