Level Headed Idiot asks Govt to Ban A Level Headed Idiot’s Blog for Blasphemous Content

In an interesting turn of events, Level Headed Idiot has asked the Government to ban A Level Headed Idiot’s Blog for hosting blasphemous content which could ignite communal tension. Level Headed Idiot requested the government to do so because he was sure that the content on his blog was offensive to a lot of people.

“The content on this blog is very passionate and full of malicious intent. I wish that no one reads this.”, the author said when asked about the reason for such a decision. He also added that he has already talked to technology giants like Google and Facebook to take off his content from their servers. Both organizations commented that while it is entirely possible to remove the content on request of an individual, it would be against their principles of privacy to completely remove any content, which might appear removed to the end user.

It was pointed out to the author that the blog has been around for more than two years and no one had said a word about the issues with it. The author said, “I am really offended by what I read on my blog. That means that there is a need to ban it. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the country or the world thinks about it”. One journalist present asked the author to stop blogging in that case. However, he counter argued that he had nothing better to do when he ran out of options on how to waste time. He also confirmed that this had nothing to do with the upcoming elections, even though no one asked him about it.

However, Level Headed Idiot’s alter ego issued a press release later in the day and it read thus:

My brain’s other half has gone completely insane. He is an attention seeking W#0&3 and did all this for publicity. You and I know that no one gives two hoots about his lame blog and even if they did, the worst they would do is pull their own tongues and commit suicide instead of going out and outraging about it. He is completely bonkers and wants more attention than some people whom he thinks, get more attention than they actually deserve due to their contacts as well as the “you rub my back, I’ll rub yours” policy. Deep inside, he is also jealous that he is not even 1% as talented as most of the people, whose work he sees all the time. Above all, he is always making failed attempts to come off as an intelligent person and this ban, he thinks, will make the public realize his intellect.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

One Response to Level Headed Idiot asks Govt to Ban A Level Headed Idiot’s Blog for Blasphemous Content

  1. shrecks says:

    it has also been reported that such failed attempts sometimes tend to inspire other #fail creatures as well. i recommend the levelheadedidiotsblog for bharat ratna, as it has def acheived outstanding performance in its own eclectic field of online self help treatment through hypertext markup. (if sachin can..we can )

    PS : i love sachin. but def no bharat ratna .

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