Experimental Recipe : Sausage Momos

I am a huge fan of momos and don’t miss a chance to enjoy the awesomeness. (It should be accompanied by the fiery red chutney/sauce/paste/whatever_you_wanna_call_it). I am enjoying a brief break from work and spending time with mom at home. To satisfy my appetite for meat, I brought home sausages, prawns, mutton etc. I procured sausages to serve as breakfast food. I had plans of trying to cook momos this time around. However, I forgot to keep some meat for the same. The good part was that I had lots of sausage left and my twisted mind took over from there.

Sausage is pwnz0rs!


For Stuffing

  • Cocktail Sausage : 5-6 pieces
  •  Onion : 1 small (I used 4-5 shallots for because it gives that extra punch)
  • Black Pepper : 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt : According to taste
  • Soya Sauce : According to taste

For Dough

  • Flour : 1 cup
  • Rice flour : 3-4 table spoon
  • Salt : According to taste

Cooking Instructions

  • Take the sausages and let it thaw a little. Split each piece into 3-4 pieces.
  • Saute the onions and garlic in just enough oil.
  • When they are translucent, add the pepper and the sausage pieces.
  • Add some soya sauce as well as salt(keep in mind that the soya sauce is salty)
  • Shred the sausage pieces further with the ladle so that they are the size of egg chunks in Egg Bhurji.
  • Keep on a medium flame till the sausage chunks are sufficiently cooked.
  • Mix the flour, rice flour and salt well.
  • Add enough water to make it into a flat bread style dough.
  • Make small balls of 3/4 in to 1in diameter and roll them into small very thin circles.
  • Keep a tablespoon each of the sausage mixture into these circles and fold them, sealing them at the edges.
  • Cook in a steamer for 15 minutes or until done.

That was simple, wasn’t it? For the fiery accompaniment, I pureed a tomato and made it into a paste with 2 green chillis and salt.

PS: Try at your own risk.

PPS : I liked it.

PPPS : It was delicious.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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