N 1100 : Hands On With New Features

Will you want to buy one? Like any of the top-end phones with which it’s competing, such as the N3310 and Lolsung’s SGH E700, buying the top-end version will be a big commitment.

Two groups of people will be delighted to snap this up: anyone with an N3315 from before 2002 and anyone who wants to get superfast mobile snake gaming and is vendor neutral. The first group will be delighted to get a new phone; the second, to get a really pleasurable experience on the gaming scheme of things.The screen isn’t bigger than the N3315, and only a side-by-side comparison with the (as yet unreleased) N1110 will tell how their torches match up.

Lolsung users considering a switch will probably enjoy features such as T9 (the equivalent of T7, but already bigger because N3310 has a larger user base than  SGH E700).

And the software that runs T9 works on every N phone since 2002. There’s nothing as good as the T9 text input on any other system. And the simplicity of use is something people clearly like. But if you leave Lolsung or Carbonator, you’ll have to abandon your ringtones — although the equivalents are almost certain to be available on the Composer. The only difference? You might have to compose your own tunes. N3310 users also like keypad shortcuts built into the system, which they won’t find on the the Lolsung.

Carbonator users meanwhile will miss the two separate green and red buttons for connect/disconnect — but they’ll like the new turn off button which is concave and really pleasing to hold. And they’ll like all the ringtones. The messages software will have to be closely compared against Lolsung’s; but the addition of detail on delivery reports means that even though N is cutting more its ties to the mobile giant, the messages look great: during the demonstration N showed off a delivery center editing feature. Early UK users of the software already say it’s great.

The new “thin pin” charger, which makes about a billion existing ones obsolete in a flash, isn’t going to ruin your life – you’ll be able to get adaptors.

If you don’t have a phone, the cost will look daunting. (Though the prices of the older N phones have come down substantially.) Lolsung’s SGH E700 is becoming cheaper, and Carbonator may be able to compete — once we know the prices. But the key difference there is that neither company designs the software that runs the phone. Lolsung uses G’s Ancioid; Carbonator, MS’s Symbiotic parasite OS. That limits both in subtle ways. N offers a walled garden, it’s true – and it’s hard to break out once you’re inside. Lolsung has the advantage that it offers many different brands, while Parasite is borne up almost entirely by Carbonator. But with any of these you’ll only buy once every couple of years. If the time and the price is right, the N1100 is definitely the most integrated phone out there.

NOTE : This is a spoof on a very vague review of the new Apple Phone here.


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