Affairs of inks and pens

Last August, I went to our place in Trivandrum and while clearing out the cupboards, stumbled across my dad’s most precious collection of fountain pens. Right then, I vividly remembered the time in 5th grade when we were allowed to use fountain pens in school for the first time and I was given a very cheap Rs 30 pen with a transparent body that could hold ink for about a week. The nib was nothing special when it was bought, but with the help of a used razor blade and a mirror, my dad made it so smooth that I felt like riding a glider when writing on paper. A little later, I moved to a Hero pen for doing my homework.

When I moved to 10th grade, I was gifted a Parker(Steel body and steel cap. I’m still looking for the model name) with a cartridge that I would fill with a syringe because cartridges were/are expensive to buy. I returned the old Rs 30 pen to dad, who started using it at work. When the board exams came along, I was given another Parker(the same model, this time with a black body and a steel cap). This became my companion till the 12th boards. After the exams, I gave up writing with fountain pens and moved to ball pens throughout college and the amount of writing that I did tended towards zero as I went along with my career.


Parker: I don’t know the model.

Stumbling on these pens not only brought back those wonderful memories of school, it also made me wonder if I should just fill one of them with ink and write something just to see how I felt after so long. I bought the cheapest ink available and filled a Sheaffer with it and wrote on a page. The realization that it is important to take it easy and indulge in such pleasures struck me. I was hooked. I soon filled my two favourite Parkers with ink and started writing with them as well.

After shifting jobs and moving to a different city (The ink bottle started spilling as soon as I put it in a bag, so I had to leave it behind) and settling down, I decided to buy some decent ink and started writing on a book. A page a day, with thoughts that came to my mind. Around this time, I also came to know about r/fountainpens on reddit and subscribed. Seeing the pics of so many beautiful pens and pensmanship gave me so much joy. I wish I can own at least some of those pens that get talked about very often.

It is when I was happy with the setup that I had that I saw a tweet from a very good friend and fountain pen lover, @qtfan about @sanayYshah, who makes pens as well as replaces nibs on Indian pens with better ones. I bought one from him for my birthday and I am in love with it.

Airmail Customized Pen

The pen I bought from Sanay

I also asked my cousin to send a bottle of Noodler’s Ink via my uncle and aunt who were visiting him in Australia.

This is a new love affair that I am having and I hope I continue with it forever, and pursue it as a hobby that is very rewarding.


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A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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