The Color of Magic

I have decided to read all the books from the Discworld series in the official reading order suggested by past readers and experts on the series.

The journey has started with The Color of Magic. The false wizard, Rincewind is asked to guide a tourist by the name of Twoflower through the city of Ankh Morpork. However, fate takes them away from the city and carries them to different parts of the Disc, one of magic with dragons, to earth where they suddenly find themselves surrounded by cops inside a flight, and travelling along the edges of the Disc on a boat rowed by a seatroll.

Twoflower is followed by his Luggage, which has legs of its own and seems to find its way back whenever it gets lost, irrespective of the situation.

The dangers they put themselves in and the hilarious escapades are a treat to read. The book also succeeds at explaining the concepts of Magic, Time, Fate, Death etc in the Discworld as well as the characters, who I’m sure will make some more appearances, if not a lot, over the next few books.


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