Listener and reader of stories.


10 Responses to About

  1. Priya says:

    The best One Line “About Me” I’ve come across! 😀

  2. Vidhyaa says:

    If anyone believes this, u’d cry a river and build a bridge and they can jump off it. isn’t that the way it is?

  3. sreekanth says:

    bro ur not a that pathetic with the guitar…just start practisin douchehole!

  4. sreekanth says:

    dude, i can change the direction of snow too !! brilliiant !

  5. spotlesssoul says:

    And are you everything else EXCEPT these? 😛

    Interesting stuff at your blog =) Bless thee.

    • milcom says:

      Haha! I am a noob of all trades 😀
      Interesting? Really? o.O

      • spotlesssoul says:

        Yeah =)

        And ahhan. They usually say that jack of all trades is master of none :p I hope it’s not the same case with you.

        Adding you to my blog roll.

        • milcom says:

          Like I said, I am a noob of all trades. Which means I suck at everything equally. 😀
          Thanks for the add. 🙂

      • spotlesssoul says:

        Ohkay :/ I kindda read it (I dunno why! may be my mind was half asleep at that time) different way. I read ‘noob’ as ‘nerd’ 😛 That’s why I pointed that out.

        Bless thee. =)

  6. sreek says:

    its started snowing in ur blog..again !! 😀 😀

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