So late, it was early

Woke up at 9:30 am, realized it was late to prepare breakfast, shower, eat and head out the door. Agenda for the day. A test at the university, an appointment with someone at work, a flight to some place. Step out the door, feet don’t hit the ground. Woke up in a pool of sweat. Time is 5:40 am. There was nothing to be done today.


Old man and the Sea

Boy of 3. Walking on the beach. Sand in his tiny shoes. Barefoot. Running around till it’s time to catch breath. Peanuts. Sun swallowed by the water. Mystery.

Boy of 5. Walking on the beach. Filling his shoes with sand knowingly. Barefoot. Watching catch ball on the shore. Peanuts. Sunset. West. Love.

Boy of 7. Walking on the beach. Floaters. No more sand. Barefoot. Walking across the road. Cutlets and ketchup. Peanuts. Sunset. Darkness. Daring.

Boy of 10. Meadow near the beach. Refusal to take off footwear. Peanuts. Sunset. Hates the crowd. Complains. Uninterested.

Boy of 14. No more beach. Weekends full of homework. Video games. TV. Monotony.

Boy of 17-25. Landlocked.

Boy Man of 29. Yearning for the beach. Peanuts. Crowds. Sunsets. Bright lights. Yearning.

Et tu, brewtus!

I have a new addiction. It’s the second most traded commodity in the world. Most of it is grown in a belt within 1000 miles either side of the Equator. It’s liquid silver, if I may, called coffee. It started almost a year ago, when my colleague introduced me to a non generic coffee shop in the city. The options on beans was fascinating to know about. Previously, I knew instant coffee, filter coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, latte etc. Now, I knew there were different flavours depending on where they originate from, what other plants grow in the vicinity, how the beans are processed, how much they’re roasted etc. It was eye opening.

This Christmas, the same colleague gifted me a French Press, an apparatus that makes coffee taste better instantly when you start using it instead of a regular drip. This put me on a path to watch videos and learn more about brewing techniques. Apparently, the hotter the water, the more bitter the taste. Each method and measurement alters the taste and effect significantly. I’ve already tried lattes, cold press, and regular coffee with the device and they all taste good in different ways.

The next adventure in this journey is going to be finding out more about Indian coffees, and trying the different single origins from roasters like Blue Tokai, Flying Squirrel, Indian Bean etc. It’d be interesting to know what my country has to offer in terms of this zero calorie energy drink. I also learnt that the reason the culture for non generic coffee is only evolving now due to the economic regulations in the last century which meant the government had control over the coffee through its boards.

I used to be

  • An average blogger. Now, I’m just average.
  • An unathletic person. Now, I’m still unathletic.
  • A funny guy. Now, I’m just a guy.
  • A heavy music listener. Now, I’m just a listener of noises, voices in my head, and silence.
  • A good listener. Now, I can’t be attentive long enough to watch a lecture video without the craving to look at social networks.
  • A hopeless optimist. Now, I’m just hopeless.

Why do I love Opeth?

  • Because they dare to do the unthinkable.
  • Because they make music for the darkest depths of the soul.
  • Because their music becomes more lovable with each listen.
  • Because their music is poetry.
  • Because there is no one like them.