I have said this time and again about keeping this space on the web growing with constant posts, but fail to meet the expectations consistently. I have also seen that this is a gimmick employed all around the blogging world. However, I feel that someday, this blog will die a death. My aim is to delay it as much as I can and possibly keep it alive and kicking for as long as humanly and technically(I don’t know what the WordPress TnC for idle blogs are) possible.

Talking of death, I have been affected by that word lately. In a funny way. In a sad way. In a who gives two hoots way. In a numb way. In a what is wrong with the world way. In a feeling helpless way. In a things could have been different way.

What affected me very much is the funny way. All thanks to Terry Pratchett and book 4 of the Discworld Series called Mort. Funny because Death is everywhere and you just cannot defeat him. In a combat or a shootout. You cannot even cheat your way to victory because sooner or later, he is going to come back with more vigour. And whatever it is, no fun living forever like the Elves. I mean, Elrond lived for 3000(or was it 10000) years and what did he achieve? Nothing, if you discount Arwen(which he procreated when he was some 2000 odd years). So basically, he lived a meaningless life in the hills for about 4000 years just waiting for Frodo and party to turn up one fine morning. And then, waiting for something else. What was that? To leave in a frigging ship! To live for ever. But why? Tolkien isn’t immortal so we cannot ask him.

I cannot even believe that I digressed from Mort and went to LoTR, which isn’t really ridiculous because I have a tattoo inspired by the Elvish script in the epic. I have been asked many times whether it is a permanent or temporary tattoo. I would say it isn’t temporary, but I wouldn’t say it is permanent because it comes with the shelf life spanning my life. Also, nothing is permanent according to some wisecrack who decided to name himself Anonymous. Smart huh?

In a way, all of us phonies are employees of death as well. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are pushing people around us to it. Just take that instance when that favourite band you loved decided to disband. You died a little, didn’t you? I didn’t lose any second of my life when a band that I loved took a different path with their style because that’s what artists are supposed to do. Innovate their way to immortality. Let’s ask 2000 generations later about what or who Opeth was. Ha! Anyway, all of us are dying a little with each passing second. Like Pink Floyd sang, one day closer to death. But it’s more like 86400 or 84600 seconds closer(I don’t want to waste my time doing stupid Maths).

When I talk about employees of death, the employers and work are a major cause of death as well, if you know what I mean. Forgetting to live kills you little by little till you completely forget how to live. Or breath. And die.(I didn’t put brackets around the Ors and Ands so decide which language you are using and do the priority computation yourself) While at that, it isn’t really good to continue living just the way you are doing everyday. It’s nice to mix things up. Why would you do the same thing repeatedly for 40 years, retire, do the new thing for 30 years and just disappear? Employers become a cause of death only if you choose to, though. If you do different things instead of just work, work and more work, you might just live a better life, who knows. But that is in your hands. Don’t say things like I was helpless etc when you are gone. Which I am sure you won’t because you aren’t alive then. Haha.

I can go on and on about how to live better instead of dying, but I am not immortal so I’ll go and live when I can. K Bai.


About V
A software developer by profession, Milcom is a football lover and considers music as his religion. While he is not working, he likes reading blogs, listening to music, reading novels or simply sitting idle, in which he is a world champion.

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